Saturday, July 25, 2015

Spy Wizards: The First Deception: Episode 1: Testing Testing - Part 1 Show Notes

So where are they and what makes them so important? Why are Homeland Security agents being assassinated in a deadly test? Have old rivalries and new ones compromised the organization? What is the First Division and the Cabal really up to? Find out by listening to Spy Wizards: The First Deception, a fantasy spy thriller audio drama podcast written and performed by Paul Michael Mosher.

You can stream the promo and the first episode from the SCM Music Player located at the top of this blogsite. Use the playlist icon on the top right to select a specific episode.

The first episode: Testing, Testing Part 1 is available at .

To download the episode, right click on the above link and save link as.

All materials used to create this podcast, such as Art Work and Sound Effects  were either used directly or adapted from sources in the public domain or under a Creative Commons License. The music used in this podcast was created by myself using LMMS and FL Studios. The Sound Effects are from,,,,, and YouTube. For more information check out the show notes at or . The RSS feed is
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